Our Teachers


Julie Blumenthal
ISHTA Yogiraj / Bija Founding Director
The founder of the ISHTA Berlin community and director of the ISHTA trainings, Julie has been teaching ISHTA Yoga since 2003, in Berlin since 2007. As the former administrator of the trainings in the ISHTA world headquarters in New York, as well as a co-creator of the current generation of trainings, she aims to inspire all her students with her passion for yoga and knowledge. As the former assistant to Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger, her ISHTA roots are direct to the source. Other sources of inspiration include master teachers Angela Farmer, Kofi Busia, Glenn Black and Max Strom, as well as her kirtan teacher Jai Uttal who supports the chanting in closing relaxation and specialty practice that is another one of Julie’s hallmarks. She is grateful every day for this beautiful practice and the opportunity to share it with others! In addition to her ISHTA work at Bija, Julie is proud also to be a senior teacher at Yellow Yoga. Read more about Julie at www.julieblumenthal.com.

Tuesday, 11-12:30h, Open / Mixed
Thursday, 11-12:30h, Meditation (on pause)     Thursday, 18-19:30h, Gentle
Saturday, 11-12:30h Int / Adv       Sunday, 18-19:30h, Open / Mixed
(all classes in english w/german as needed)

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Mary Beth Wilson
Bija Founding Partner / Managing Director Emeritus
Mary Beth (MB) has been practicing yoga since her days as an international development worker in Kabul (2006-9). She infuses her classes with a sense of acceptance, warmth, and humor, working to make everyone feel welcome. MB works hard to create a class environment where students can connect with themselves and explore their own practice, with the ultimate goal of helping people create space for wholeness and acceptance. She provides many choices throughout class, so that students can meet themselves where they are in any given moment. Her teaching is most strongly informed by ISHTA, her education in trauma informed yoga, and her own experiences living in a war zone, surviving cancer, and finding her own path towards a healthier connection with herself.

Read more about MB at www.shadesofgreen.yoga and/or connect with her on Facebook www.facebook.com/shadesofgreen.yoga.mb.

Tuesday, 18-19:30h, Gentle (english)

alice hs

Alice Patterson
Alice completed a 200-hour Scaravelli-inspired yoga teacher training with the Acquaviva School of Yoga in Edinburgh in 2013, and then dived into a further 500 hours of yoga teacher training with ISHTA Berlin from 2014-5. Her current classes are informed by an interest in developing functional movement through a an open-minded exploration of yoga practices. In this she draws on her ongoing study of embodied anatomy and kinesiology with Amy Matthews, and whole-body core functionality with Lauren Ohayon.

Alice is on our substitute teaching roster – check the current daily schedule for details.

Anne hsAnne Herrmann
Anne discovered yoga in in Australia in 2003. Though she was far away from home, her first Ashtanga Yoga class showed her the path to feeling home within herself. In 2009, Anne returned to Berlin to dive further into her practice and did the Spirit Yoga 200-hour teacher training. Soon after, she was introduced to the heart-opening practice of Anusara Yoga which continues inspiring her to this day. Attracted to ISHTA’s integration of Ayurveda, philosophy, meditation and asana flow, Anne completed the ISHTA 300-hour training with Julie Blumenthal. Anne now assists in the ISHTA 200-hour and 300-hour teacher trainings and teaches class as a frequent substitute in Hamburg Berlin. www.jyoti-yoga.de/lehrer.

Anne is on our substitute teaching roster – check the current daily schedule for details.

Dhari new

Dhari Vij
A musician, a pitta and a creative traveller, Dhari began her yoga journey in Australia and has since completed her training with Julie Blumenthal in ISHTA Yoga to combine this with her studies in Zen Yoga. Dhari aims to honour the ancient tools of yoga and meditation, while weaving them into our contemporary lives. Working with more physically challenging practices but also the subtle in order to cultivate the essence of these philosophies to assist us in finding balance and harmony in our day to day. www.facebook.com/tadkhayogaberlin.

Dhari is on our substitute teaching roster – check the current daily schedule for details.

Emme hs

Emma Preisler
Emma is a certified Hatha Yoga and Pranayama teacher who combines movement, breath and Mudra into an explorative and introspective practice of Hatha flow. In Emma’s classes the intrinsic connection between movement and stillness is at the centre, sequences are dreamy and often happen to the meditative soundtrack of drones.  The practice of yoga is for Emma a practice of coming into alignment with oneself through a process of observing what is present. In her project Birth of Light she seek to bring all the aspects of ourselves as beings together,  to create wholeness and connection on and between all the different levels that constitute us. Emma is trained in the method Pranayoga (550h), specialised in pre- and postnatal Yoga and she works as a birth and postpartum doula. https://birthoflightberlin.com

Monday, 17:30-19h, Prenatal (english)
Monday, 19:30-21h, Hatha Flow (english)
Thursday, 20-21:30h, Hatha Flow (english)

imkebild 280Imke Möhlmann
Imke discovered yoga in her early twenties and immediately fell in love with the peacefulness it brought her. After teaching friends she wanted to share her joy of yoga with more people and completed the 200&300 hour ISHTA teacher training with Julie from 2013 to 2015. In her classes, she tries to encourage students to feel confidence and strength from within, and combines a well rounded blend of a meditative flow and holding asanas, always working with the breath. When not on the mat, Imke is a student of horticulture, a passionate gardener and runs a tiny urban cut flower farm.

Monday, 10:30-12h, Open / Mixed (english)
Monday, 13:00-14:00h, Lunch Express (english)

jenny hs

Jenny Weber
Jenny is loving her own yoga-practice and this is what translates into her teaching. After several workshops and retreats in Germany, Thailand and India she completed her advanced teacher training (500h) with Julie in Berlin in 2017. She is a scientist by profession who discovered asana, pranayama and meditation as tools for a healthy, peaceful and balanced life. Her classes are taught with joy and a sense of lightness. In addition to flowing movements her classes focus on introspective and meditative aspects for relaxing body and mind.

Jenny is on our substitute teaching roster – check the current daily schedule for details.

Joanna hsJoanna Buchmeyer
Joanna completed her 500 HR yoga teacher in the ISHTA lineage in 2019. She’s been practicing since 2008 and teaching since 2017. For Joanna, yoga is a tool and a practice that she uses to help her maintain a steady conversation with her authenticity, intuition and emotions. In her classes, she loves to combine all the elements of the ISHTA practice, alongside breath work and meditation, to create a space for calming down and going inward. She believes that just as the self is always evolving, so is her teaching and practice. She draws inspiration from nature, music, poetry and twists and turns and cycles of life and incorporates them into her classes. She aims to create a wholesome and spacious practice where students can become who they are. Facebook page

Tuesday, 8-9:15h, Open / Mixed (english)

juana hs

Juana Hernandez
As the daughter of a Yogi, Juana was exposed to Hatha Yoga from a very young age. In her twenties she learnt Shiatsu, practiced Aikido, and approached meditation for the first time. Shortly after leaving her hometown in Colombia she began her ISHTA journey in Berlin. During the years 2015-2017 she completed the 200 and 300-hour teacher training with Julie Blumenthal. Juana´s classes are focused on breath and body awareness, restorative poses and bodywork. juana.s.hernandez@gmail.com

Juana is on our substitute teaching roster – check the current daily schedule for details.

kati headshot square 280

Katerina (Kati) Dakoura
Katerina discovered Ashtanga yoga in 2003 at university while studying for her degree as a secondary teacher for English and physical education. After discovering restorative yoga through Julie Blumenthal in 2013, she has been practicing ISHTA yoga ever since. She completed the 200 & 300-hour ISHTA teacher trainings with Julie as well as the Well Woman Yoga Therapy (Womb Yoga) training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. In her teaching, Katerina combines ISHTA yoga with elements of Womb Yoga therapy, trauma-sensitive yoga and feminist Goddess spirituality to help women reconnect with their bodies and souls in a loving and self-nurturing way. labrysyogini@gmail.com

Wednesday, 20-21:30h, Women Only / Open/Mixed (english / deutsch)

Kelley hs

Kelley Griffiths
Kelley fell in love with Yoga Nidra at a ‘Yoga and Mindfulness for Addictions’ training with the Minded Institute in London. Since then she’s made it a part of her daily practice and in 2019 completed her Yoga Nidra Facilitator training with the Yoga Nidra Network. She now offers regular, live Nidras in Berlin and designs bespoke Nidras for individuals. Kelley is friendly, light hearted and her classes are often filled with giggles. Her intention is to serve as many people as possible with the restorative practice of Nidra, seeing it as a remedy for this fast-paced life of constant push and pull that often leaves us depleted and burn-out. Every class she offers is made with love and offered with gratitude to those who wish to join her.

Tuesday, 20-21:30h, Yoga Nidra (english)


Kristin Tovson
Starting from a love of dance and movement, Kristin found yoga nearly 20 years ago. She aims to teach people to be at home in their own bodies, connected to and invested in their own health and well-being. She is a 500 hour OM Yoga certified teacher under the guidance of Cyndi Lee and has been teaching in many and varied contexts since 2001. See more at www.kristintovson.com.

Kristin is on our substitute teaching roster – check the current daily schedule for details.


Lola Pejac
Lola did her 200 and 300-hour ISHTA Teacher Training with Julie Blumenthal from 2015 to 2017. She loves to travel and wherever life takes her yoga is her companion. As a mother and yogini, she believes in unconditional love that connects all of life. She practices and teaches Yoga as a tool to reconnect. Believing in the power of touch, she is very interested in acroyoga, dance and all kinds of bodywork that include a partner. Currently she teaches intimate yoga classes in a private atmosphere. www.facebook.com/yogamitLola/.

Lola is on our substitute teaching roster – check the current daily schedule for details.

Magdalenda HS

Magdalenda Rechlin
Magdalena praktiziert Yoga seit 1988 und unterrichte Yoga seit 1994 in Kreuzberg, mit sehr unterschiedliche Hathayoga-Taditionen und -Stile in Indien und Europa kennengelernt und die Entwicklung des Yoga in den letzten 30 Jahre miterleben dürfen. Sie unterrichtet Yoga sowohl im Gruppenunterricht für alle Level und Altersstufen als auch im individuellen und therapeutischen Einzelsetting als Begleitung und Beratung in Veränderungsprozessen. Magdalena teilt ihr Wissen gerne mit anderen Yogainteressierten und Menschen die Fragen an den Yoga haben.

Yogalehrerin BDY/EYU/ BYZ; Krankenschwester; Dipl. Landschaftsarchitektin; Yogatherapeutin BYZ; Anerkannte Kursanbieterin im Rahmen der Primärprävention der GKV nach §20 SGB V. Mitarbeiterin in der Yogalehrerausbildung am Berliner Yoga Zentrum (BYZ); Kursleiterin im Yoga für Kinder/ Jugendliche; Referentin für das Anuśāsanam; Unterricht des Yoga Sūtra am BYZ; Fortbildungen für Yogalehrer anderer Traditionen in Berlin und München; Ausbildungsteam für den therapeutischen und individuellen Einzelunterricht am Yogazentrum Alpen-Österreich.

www.yogaschritte.de / m.rechlin@snafu.de.

Präventionskurs – Wednesday, 9-10:15h, 18.9-27.11.19 (deutsch / english as needed)


May Ament
May connects Yoga with Fine Arts and Meditation. May completed the 200 & 300-hour ISHTA teacher trainings with Julie Blumenthal from 2013- 2015. She trained in a Cunningham Dance Company and studied Body Mind Centering with Linda Hartley. Her interests besides Fine Arts are neuroscience research, psychoanalysis (Lacan), philosophy and the integral work of Ken Wilber. Contact her for private yoga sessions, workshops or ayurvedic massages. mayament@gmx.de.

Wednesday, 18-19:30h, Open/Mixed (deutsch)