Bija Online Offerings

While we’re missing you in person, we’re happy to have some online offerings (both livestream and recorded) to keep us connected during CV!

Streaming Bija classes currently include:

Tuesday @ 11h: Julie – ISHTA Flow
Tuesday @ 18:30h: Anna – Hatha Flow
Tuesday @ 20h: Kelley – Yoga Nidra

Wednesday @ 18h: Julie – ISHTA Flow

Thursday @ 18h: Hannah – Inner Gardening

Saturday @ 11h: Julie – ISHTA Flow

Sunday @ 1730h: Julie – ISHTA Flow

Click on the links to be connected with your teacher and sign up for class! We recommend registering in advance to be sure of securing your spot. (If you have already made a monthly donation for April, check with your teacher for access to livestream classes.)

Several of our teachers also have recorded classes online – visit Julie’s Patreon page to practice with her any time and donate as you can, or connect with your teachers directly for more information.  Please continue to visit the Bija Facebook and Instagram for more reminders and news (and occasional food photos).

We are all eager to see you in person again as soon as possible! In the meantime, we’re glad and grateful to see you online, and to do our part one day at a time in keeping us all happy, healthy and together.

Hari om, om tat sat.