Class Descriptions and Pricing

Class prices

First trial class: €10 • Single drop-in class: €13
4-class card (duration: 1 month): €45 • 10-class card (duration: 3 months): €110
Unlimited (duration: 1 month): €100

Class descriptions

While all teachers will help you adapt your practice as needed on any given day, these descriptions are designed to help you find the optimal fit. Click on any teacher’s name to be taken to their bio, view our entire schedule in calendar format here, or click here for an overview of all our teachers.


Monday 10:30-12hImke – Open / Mixed (english)
This class is a wonderful start into the new week! We move with our breath, finding a balance between flow and holding asanas. Through conscious movement we turn everything into a meditative practice and are ready to face the rest of week feeling balanced and peaceful. Imke loves meditation and is sure to always include it in her teaching.

Monday 13:00-14:00hImke – Lunch Express (english)
This class focusses on the many possible variations of Surya Namaskar. We move fast and slow, work with different breathing techniques, and enjoy the mix of repetition and change. Our breath is always the thread weaving everything together and each class includes some form of meditation.

Monday 17:30-19hEmma – Prenatal (english)
In this class we will explore the support Hatha Yoga offers the pregnant yogini in the physical, emotional and energetic changes (and challenges!) she may be going through. We will move with the breath, both to strengthen the body and to release tension within and without. So if you are currently pregnant, come enjoy the bliss of being fully present with yourself and in your body. This class is suitable for yoginis in all trimesters, with or without previous experience of Hatha Yoga.

Monday 19:30-21hEmma – Hatha Flow (english) (intermediate level)
When we breathe the world pours in and out of us. Observing this flow brings us in contact with ourselves, centers our spirit and calms the mind. When we gain an awareness of the breath we experience how it aligns us, grounds us and supports our every movement. Week by week this class, which is suitable for the yogi with a little bit of experience, will also look at the more subtle aspects of Hatha yoga such as Chakra and Mudra, bringing depth to the practice.


Tuesday 8-9:15hJoanna – Open / Mixed (english)
Wake up your physical and subtle body in this energizing morning practice, supporting yogis to enter into their day with a sustained sense of presence, calm and grounding. We’ll move at a steady yet easeful pace through asana, pranayama and sequencing that incorporates Ayurveda principles. Do more or do less – this is a dedicated 75 minutes that are carved out completely for YOU.

Tuesday 11-12:30hJulie – Open / Mixed (english)
This well-rounded class has some of everything, with variations and modifications offered to strengthen or soften your practice as needed on any given day. Each week offers a different mental, spiritual, philosophical or Ayurvedic point of focus, with poses and techniques chosen to support that week’s theme. All levels welcome.

Tuesday 18-19:30MB – Gentle (english)
Recharge your batteries through yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation to help you reconnect with your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. This class’s slower place will allow you to take your time to learn about and arrive in the different poses, experiment with different breathing techniques and meditation, deepen your connection with yourself, and supports those who are new to the practice of yoga.

Tuesday 20-21:30 • Kelley – Yoga Nidra (english)
This class is all about rest and relaxation, starting with 15-20 minutes of gentle movement to unwind and soften the body (we’ll play with different sequences every week) followed by a 30-40 minute Yoga Nidra to explore the meditative heart of yoga and take the body into deep rest and stillness, a coming home to the self (each week is different), and to close, a 10-minute mindful breathing meditation to ground you and fill you with gratitude to carry with you into the night.


Wednesday 9:00-10:15h • Magdalena – Präventionskurs (deutsch)
Krankenkassen-Yogakurs ist für diejenigen Teilnehmer*Innen gedacht, die ein bis zwei Mal pro Jahr einen Kurs suchen, der durch die Krankenkassen (§ 20 Präventionsgesetz) bezuschusst wird. Ein sog. Präventionskurs ist für Anfänger*Innen, Wiedereinsteiger*Innen und fortgeschrittene Yogapraktizierende geeignet. Nächste Kurs läuft 18.9-27.11.19; €120. Bitte per email voranmelden:

Wednesday 18-19:30hMay – Open/Mixed (deutsch)

Wednesday 20-21:30hKaterina – Women Only Open/Mixed (deutsch / english when needed)
Steigere dein Wohlbefinden durch eine ausgeglichene Praxis der Bewegungsfolgen, Atemübungen und Mantras, die dir hilft deine Lebensenergien in Einklang zu bringen, dich zu dir zurückbringen, dich erden und zentrieren. Das Thema ändert sich nach Jahreszeit, Wetter und Mondphase; immer steht jedoch die Verbindung von Kopf, Herz und Körper im Mittelpunkt.


Thursday 11-12:30hJulie – Meditation (english)
This class puts subtle practice at its heart, with a 25-30 minute guided breathwork and meditation practice (we’ll explore different tools every week) preceded by gentle warm-up asana to help your body, breath and mind prepare to turn inward, and followed by rest and grounding / active asana to help reawaken the body, and bring the insight and inspiration of your inner practice out in to your day. See sidebar calendar for dates.

Thursday 18-19:30hJulie – Gentle (english)
Ideal for beginners or anyone wishing to slow things down and get back to basics! A slower pace and extra attention to the foundations of alignment, yoga philosophy, and restorative time, with occasional variations to challenge you wherever you are. Each week introduces a physical, subtle or philosophical theme, with poses, simple breathwork and basic meditation techniques chosen in support.

Thursday 20-21:30hEmma – Hatha Flow (english) (open level)
This class focuses on moving with a continuous awareness of the rhythm of the breath. We find grounding, spaciousness and alignment while flowing through Asana and Vinyasa, as each breath becomes an invitation to be present with the body and the Self. Especially the Sun and Moon Salutations – Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar – and the ways they form a complete Sadhana (spiritual practice) containing Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and Mantra, is explored.


Saturday 11-12:30hJulie – Intermediate / Advanced (english)
Incorporating more challenging poses or variations, advanced sequencing or subtle alignment, and longer or more complex pranayama and meditation techniques, this class is recommended for those with consistent practice. Each week focuses on a physical, subtle, philosophical or Ayurvedic theme, with poses, breathwork and meditation chosen in support.


Sunday 18-19:30hJulie – Open / Mixed (english)
Meet yourself where you are in this mixed-level class, offering variations and modifications to challenge or support yourself as needed on any given day. Classes focus week-to-week on a physical, energetic, philosophical or Ayurvedic idea, with poses, breathwork and meditation techniques chosen to support the week’s theme.