Studio Hygenie Regulations by order of the Berlin Senat – June 2021

As Bija reopens and we dust off our mats, the following guidelines apply: 

Capacity and sign-in

  • The Berlin Senat requires proof of a daily Schnelltest; full vaccination; or COVID recovery to attend studio class.
  • If you wish to self-test at Bija, please arrive a minimum of 20 minutes early in order to give time for test results.
  • A 1.5m Abstand is suggested, but no longer required, during sport activities. Masks are not needed during practice or as long as Abstand is maintained (no hands-on work, etc).
  • Pre-registration with contact details is required in case of need for contact tracing.
  • Your teacher may request / you may prefer contactless payment in advance. Check with your teacher for details.
  • Simultaneous livestreaming is available for some classes, for those at home.

Hygenie in the studio

  • Good ventilation will be maintained during class via open doors, windows and our Luftmonitor 🙂
  • Current guidelines confirm that regular household cleaning is sufficient to protect from COVID transmission via surfaces. We encourage you to bring your own mat and props to class if you wish, or if using Bija tools, they will “rest” between uses in order to keep them fresh. Cleaning materials are also available if needed.
  • If you wish to avoid use of the Garderobe, then come dressed for class; however, with limited class sizes, Abstand is maintainable as needed in any case.
  • Cleaning spray and both cloth and paper towels are available in our kitchen and bathroom, and door and sink handles, light switches, etc are cleaned after use.
  • Our teeküche, WC, etc are open for you, and teachers will manage the teekanne, light switches, etc to reduce touch contacts as needed.

Airing / Luftung

  • Our doors and windows remain “gekippt” during studio hours, and the studio is thoroughly aired between classes every day.
  • Our Luftmonitor helps us keep track of air quality and adjust ventilation as needed during class.

Some thoughts…

All the above is in keeping with the requirements of the Senat and current practice! However, bear in mind that case numbers are currently extremely low, and the summer weather, vaccinations and protocol are likely to keep them so; and that we are already far below the case numbers at which the Senat had previously stated such measures would no longer be needed. While reopening is sure to be an adventure, there is much to indicate we have already come a long way.

Let’s get through this together. Looking forward to seeing you soon on the mat!