Bodywork at Bija

Our cozy studio is a beautiful soothing space for individual bodywork sessions.

July 2020 – Welcome to Victoria Simpson, our new onsite bodywork practitioner!

Victoria writes:

Hello, My name is Victoria and I’m a persistent advocate for body therapy treatments. I believe it is really important and a necessary act of self care. I too have a team of people that take care of me! After all our body is the home we live in, we must honour, respect and care for it. Our bodies are the most complex mechanism on this planet!

We store stress, trauma and emotions within our tissues and organs. Sure, there are many things we can do ourselves to release and process our experiences, but sometimes it’s helpful to receive the assist of someone else to support you.

So maybe it is the time to give yourself permission to reach out and let someone take care of you.

I have been involved in bodywork for over 10 years now. I express love and creativity through the act of touch. Training in different places around the world I tend to work with a combination of methods guided by my intuition and sensitivity.

With all treatments I use high quality base oils that are best suited to your body type and a personal mix of high-grade essential oils to add further depth and therapeutic benefits to your treatment.

I wish to make treatments accessible to almost anyone and so I offer my services on a sliding scale; you decide how much you can comfortably pay within the range due to your financial circumstances. 

The doors of the Bija ‘treatment room’ welcomes you. 

My personal webpage with full list of services is:

As I am new to Bija I wanted to introduce myself with ‘first-time offer’ to all existing Bija students as a way of you meeting my touch: 

45 min Back Massage for €25

(The offer will be valid until the end of July) 

During this period its my number one priority to create a safe and comfortable environment, for hygiene reasons and security measures I will be wearing a mask during the treatment, fresh linen for each client and Bija as an establishment is taking full measures in disinfecting.

Feel free to reach out to me for enquiries or to book a slot please contact me on

Lots of Love, 


Contact Victoria directly to book, or if you have questions about booking a session, or are interested in working out of our space, contact us for more information.